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Accomplished Projects

Examples of the Ecosystem Mapping projects accomplished by Deep Knowledge Group

 Regional & Country Ecosystems 

AI Industry in UK

AI in UK.png

DeepTech Industry in Turkey

DeepTech Turkey.png

Longevity Financial Industry in Israel 

Longevity Finance Israel.png

DeepTech and AI of Moldova

DeepTech and AI Ecosystem of Moldova.png

Global Diabetes Industry Mindmaps

Global Diabetes Industry Mindmaps.png

World’s AI for Drug Development: Asia

World’s AI for Drug Development.png

Global Diabetes Industry Platform

Global Diabetes Industry Platform.png

AI in USA: GreenTech

AI in USA GreenTech.png
Coming Soon

SpaceTech in Switzerland

SpaceTech in Switzerland.png

AI Science in UK

AI Science in UK.png

FemTech Industry Landscape

FemTech Industry Landscape Q2 2022.png

Blockchain in SpaceTech 2021

Blockchain in SpaceTech 2021.png

Life Sciences, HealthTech of Moldova

Life Sciences and HealthTech of Moldova.png

Science Ecosystem of Moldova

Знімок екрана 2024-02-20 154458.png

Global Investment Digest Q3 2021

Global Investment Digest Q3 2021.png

DeepTech in Asia

DeepTech in Asia.png

NeuroTech Investment Digest 2021 

NeuroTech Investment Digest 2021 Q4.png

Longevity InsurTech Industry 2023

Longevity InsurTech.png

SpaceTech Industry 2021

SpaceTech Industry 2021.png

Tech Ecosystem in Asia

Tech Ecosystem Asia.png

Longevity Ecosystem in Japan

Longevity in Japan.png

AI in Switzerland

AI Switzerland.png

Tech Ecosystem in Switzerland

Tech Ecosystem in Switzerland

FemTech in Florida

FemTech in Florida.png

Swiss Longevity Valley

Swiss Longevity Valley.png

Techno-Philanthropy in USA

Techno-Philanthropy in USA.png

SpaceTech Publicly Traded Companies

Publicly Traded Companies in SpaceTech Industry.png

AI Industry in USA Finance

AI Industry in USA.png

Longevity Industry in the UK

Longevity Industry in the UK

Advanced Biomedicine Gulf Region

Advanced Biomedicine in the Gulf Region

AgriTech in the UAE

AgriTech in the UAE

AI in the UK: Finance

AI in the UK: Finance

Longevity Industry in Switzerland

Longevity Industry in Switzerland

Blockchain in the UK

Blockchain in the UK.png

DeepTech & AI in Asia Pacific Region

DeepTech & AI in Asia Pacific Region

FemTech in the UK

FemTech In The UK

FemTech Industry in the UAE

FemTech Industry in the UAE.png

Longevity Industry in Switzerland

Longevity in Switzerland.png

Blockchain in UK Overview 2018

Blockchain in UK Overview 2018.png

AI in Eastern Europe

AI in Eastern Europe.png

Tech Ecosystem of Moldova 

Tech and Innovation Ecosystem of Moldova.png

Diabetes in the UAE Industry Platform

Diabetes in the UAE Industry Platform.png

Global Longevity Ecosystem

Global Longevity Ecosystem.png

Global GovTech Ecosystem

GovTech Global.png

GovTech in Switzerland

GovTech in Switzerland.png
Coming Soon

AI in USA: Infrastructure

AI in USA Infrastructure.png
Coming Soon

Advanced Cosmetics Landscape 

Advanced Cosmetics Landscape Overview 2021.png

GovTech in Saudi Arabia

GovTech in Saudi Arabia.png
Coming Soon

Turkey Tech Ecosystem 

Tech Ecosystem Turkey.png

FemTech Industry Landscape 

FemTech Industry Landscape Q4 2022.png

AI in USA: Florida

AI Florida.png
Coming Soon

AI in USA: California

AI California.png
Coming Soon

GovTech in UAE

GovTech in UAE.png
Coming Soon

IT and Digital Ecosystem of Moldova

IT and Digital Ecosystem of Moldova.png

Global NeuroTech Industry Q4 2020

Global NeuroTech Industry Landscape Overview Q4 2020.png

SpaceTech in the GCC Region

SpaceTech in the GCC Region.png

Techno-Philanthropy in UK

Techno-Philanthropy in UK Platform

AI Industry in Asia

AI Asia.png

Global GovTech Industry Q1 2022

Global GovTech Industry Landscape Overview Q1 2022.png

DeepTech Ecosystem in Japan

DeepTech Japan.png

FemTech in Switzerland

FemTech Switzerland.png

HealthTech Ecosystem in Switzerland

HealthTech Switzerland.png

Blockchain and Crypto in Longevity 

Blockchain and Crypto.png

Life Sciences in the UAE

Life Sciences UAE.png

Longevity Clinics in Florida

Longevity Clinics in Florida updated.webp

DeepTech in Switzerland

DeepTech in Switzerland.png

AI in Biomed UK

AI in Biomed UK

AI in UK: GreenTech

GreenTech Social.png

Diabetes Industry in GCC Region

Diabetes Industry in GCC Region

Longevity in Asia

Знімок екрана 2023-11-24 о 16.53.24.png

FemTech Industry in Switzerland

FemTech Industry In Switzerland

Longevity Financial Industry in the UK

Longevity Financial Industry in the UK

FinTech in Switzerland

FinTech in Switzerland

Metabesity and Longevity: USA 

Longevity USA.png

Life Science in the UAE

Life sciences in UAE.png

AI Industry in UK 2021 Overview

AI in UK 21.png

GovTech Solutions for 2020 Elections

GovTech Solutions for 2020.png

Longevity Industry in Israel

Longevity Industry in Israel

AI in UK Q3 2018

AI in UK Q3 2018.png

AI Industry in USA

AI in US

GovTech in Asia

GovTech Asia.jpg
Coming Soon

Life Sciences Ecosystem in the UAE 

Life Sciences Ecosystem in the UAE 2023.png

Diabetes Industry in GCC Overview

Diabetes Industry in GCC Overview.png

Global GovTech Industry Q1 2024

Global GovTech Industry Overview Q1 2024.png

AI Industry in Turkey

Turkey banners (6).png

Life Science Ecosystem in Turkey

Life Science Turkey.png

Longevity Ecosystem in Turkey

Turkey banners (1).png

AI in the USA: BioMed

AI in the USA BioMed.png
Coming Soon

Global GovTech Industry Q2 2022

Global GovTech Industry Overview Q2 2022.png

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Special Overview.png

FemTech Industry Q4 2021 

FemTech Industry Landscape Overview Q4 2021.png

SpaceTech Industry Landscape

SpaceTech Industry Landscape Overview Q3 2021.png

AI in USA: Massachusetts

AI Massachusetts.png
Coming Soon

GovTech in the UK

GovTech Global UK.png

FemTech Industry Q2 2021

FemTech Industry Landscape Overview 2021.png

AI in USA: Washington

AI Washington.png
Coming Soon

Science Ecosystem in Asia

Science Ecosystem Asia.png
Coming Soon

Longevity Ecosystem in Asia

Longevity Ecosystem in Asia.png

AI Industry in Japan

ai japan.png

FemTech Ecosystem in Japan

femtech Japan banner.png

Tech Ecosystem in Japan

Tech Ecosystem in Japan.png

Longevity Biomarker Ecosystem

Longevity Biomarker Ecosystem.png

Investment Digest SpaceTech 

Investment Digest SpaceTech Industry.png

AI in Drug Discovery in Asia

AI in Drug Discovey in Asia.png

SocioEconomic and Innovation Asia

SocioEconomic and Innovation Asia

Longevity Industry Ecosystem Israel

Longevity industry Israel.png

AI in UK: Infrastructure

AI in UK Infrastructure.png

InsurTech Industry in Switzerland

InsurTech Industry in Switzerland

AI in Switzerland 2021 Q4

AI in Switzerland 2021 Q4.png

Longevity Industry in Canada

Longevity Industry in Canada

mHealth in the UK

mHealth in the UK

GovTech in the UK

GovTech in the UK.png

DeepTech in Gulf Region

DeepTech in Gulf Region

Longevity and Clinics Switzerland

Longevity and Precision Medicine Switzerland.png

FinTech Industry in Switzerland 2021

Fintech Switzerland 2021.png

Financial Institutions in Asia

Financial Institutions in Asia

Longevity in UK 2018 Second Edition

Longevity in UK 2018.png

Longevity Industry in UK 2018

Longevity in UK 2018 First.png
Regional & Country Ecosystem

 City & Municipal Ecosystems 

AI in Greater Manchester

AI in Manchester.png

Longevity Industry in Singapore

Longevity Industry in Singapore

DeepTech in Miami

DeepTech in Miami

Tech Ecosystem in Miami

Tech Ecosystem in Miami 1.png

Longevity Industry in Tokyo

Longevity Industry in Tokyo.png
Coming Soon

Blockchain in Scotland

Blockchain in Scotland

Tech Hub in Brussels

Tech Hub in Brussels.png
Coming Soon

AI in Miami

AI Industry in Miami.png

Shenzhen Tech Ecosystem


Longevity Ecosystem in Miami

Longevity Ecosystem in Miami.png

Life Sciences in Tokyo Ecosystem

Life Sciences in Tokyo Ecosystem.png
Coming Soon

AI in London

AI in London.png

FinTech in the UK Industry

FinTech in the UK Industry.png

Longevity in Greater Manchester

Longevity Industry Greater Manchester 2021.png

AI in Northern Ireland

AI in Ireland.png

AI in Wales

AI in Wales.png

Life Sciences in Basel Ecosystem

Life Sciences in Basel Ecosystem.png

AI in USA: New York

AI New York.png
Coming Soon

FinTech in Scotland

FinTech in Scotland.png
Coming Soon

AI in Scotland

AI in Scotland

Longevity Industry in California 2019

Longevity Industry in California.png
City & Municipal Ecosystems

 Social Impact Ecosystems 

Techno-Philanthropy of Moldova

Techno-Philanthropy Ecosystem of Moldova.png

AI in BioMed

AI in BioMed.png

Future is Asian: Innovations and R&D

Future is Asian Innovations and R&D.png

Top 100 Tech Investors in UAE

Top 100 Tech Investors in UAE.png

AI in Diabetes

AI in Diabetes.png

SpaceTech Governmental Activity 2021

SpaceTech Governmental Activity 2021.png

AI in NeuroTech

AI in NeuroTech.png

AI in BioTech

AI in BioTech.png

Longevity Clinical Trials Q3 2021

Longevity Clinical Trials Q3 2021.png

Techno-Philanthropy Ecosystem in Asia

Asia Project Banners (5).png
Coming Soon

Invest in Tokyo

Invest in Tokyo.png
Coming Soon

Invest in Asia

invest in Asia
Coming Soon

Mitochondria: Longevity, Space Medicine

Mitochondria in Longevity and Space Medicine Q3 2021.png

Space Medicine and Human Longevity

Space Medicine and Human Longevity in Space Q3 2021.png

Innovative Healthcare in Ukraine

Innovative Healthcare in Ukraine

COVID-19 Regional Safety Assessment

COVID-19 Regional Safety Assessment

AI in TeleHealth

AI in Telehealth Social.png

DeepTech for Social Good Landscape

DeepTech for Social Good Landscape overview.png

COVID-19 City Safety Ranking Q1/2021

COVID-19 City Safety 1.png

Best Residence-By-Investment Cities

Best Residence-by-investment.png

GovTech / E-governance Global Industry

GovTech E-governance Global Industry.png

AI in Cancer Vaccines

AI in Cancer Vaccines.png

DeepTech and AI in Ukraine

DeepTech in AI in Ukraine

Invest in Scotland

Invest in Scotland.png
Coming Soon

AI in Organoids and Organ-on-a-chip

AI in Organoids and Organ-on-a-chip.png

Future is Asian: SocioEconomic 

Future is Asian SocioEconomic Development.png

Invest in Milan

Invest in Milan.png
Coming Soon

Invest in Manchester

Invest in Manchester.png
Coming Soon

AI in Biomarkers

AI in Biomarkers.png

Jewish Diaspora of Moldova

Coming Soon

Techno-Philanthropy in Florida

Techno-Philanthropy in Florida.png

AI in Mental Health

AI in Mental health Social.png

GovTech Development During COVID-19

GovTech Development During COVID-19 How Technologies Have Helped.png

Assistive Tech in the UK

Assistive Tech in the UK

Invest in Ukraine 

Invest in Ukraine

AI in Personalised Medicine

AI in Personalised Medicine Social.png

Philanthropy and Impact Investing

Philanthropy and Impact Investing.png

Global Impact Investing

Global Impact Investing_edited_edited_ed

Pandemic-Resilient Cities Ranking 2022


Global Food Security

Global Food Security.png

Messaging Apps & Platforms


Mitochondria-Longevity in Switzerland

Mitochondria-Longevity in Switzerland.png

Invest in Moldova

Invest in Moldova.png

Invest in Japan

Invest in Japan.png
Coming Soon

Future is Asian: Innovation Development

Future is Asian SocioEconomic and Innovation Development.png

Invest in Sharjah

Invest in Sharjah.png
Coming Soon

AI in FemTech

AI in FemTech.png

AI in Drug Discovey

AI in Drug Discovey.png

AI in HealthTech

AI in HealthTech.png

Global Techno-Philanthropy Ecosystem

Global Techno-Philanthropy Ecosystem.png